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Oenology division


• isolation and development of autochthonous yeasts
• study of the typical musts of the winery
• biotechnological advice

Why liquid yeasts?


Unlike the widespread and more globalized Active Dry Yeast, liquid yeast presents the following technological and operating advantages:

ready-to-use inoculum, in which all the cells are alive and active
elimination of the delicate steps for rehydrating and reactivating the dry material
reduction of the latency period
high fermentation vigour, ensuring the immediate settlement of the strain into the must in spite
of the ubiquitous and potentially harmful micro-organisms
regular fermentation kinetics up to the total consumption of the sugars
• possibility of isolating and producing strains that do not tolerate the drying process, thus preserving the biodiversity of the wine-making types

Chromplus D150

The D150 strain is used for the production of young and balanced red wines, giving them a fresh and fruity taste with spice notes and a good length, while respecting their varietal features. The weak absorption of the free anthocyanins by the cell walls increases the extractive yield for wines with an intense, bright and long-lasting colour. Good production of parietal polysaccharides and glycerol, allowing to achieve round and full-bodied wines. Great vigour and implant ability, with a quick and regular fermentation that ensures a steady and complete process, even in difficult vinification conditions.

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AVZero D139

Recommended for the production of full-bodied and well-structured red wines, suitable for ageing. The D139 strain provides a quick but very regular fermentation, also in musts with a high potential alcohol and with limited control of the temperatures. The poor absorption of the anthocyanins by the biomass and the good release of parietal mannoproteins help enhance and stabilize the wine colour. The production of sulphide compounds and volatile acidity is particularly low in musts with appropriate levels of available nitrogen. The resulting wines express their varietal aroma with extremely complex and long notes.

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Gliplus D112

This yeast is suitable for the production of young and shortly-aged wines, with very clear and fine fruity and floral notes, which can evolve into an elegant bouquet of complex, mature and spicy
aromas over time. Thanks to its extractive potential, the release of parietal polysaccharides and its good production of glycerol, the D112 strain ensures structure and softness even in case of significant concentrations of polyphenols.
Gliplus D112 cryophilic features allow this yeast being particularly suitable for vinification made with cold pre-fermentation maceration.

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Plusflor D253

Suitable for the vinification of aromatic and semi-aromatic white grapes, where it performs its peculiar enzymatic activity by activating the terpenic and thiolic aroma precursors. It provides wines with intense and lingering floral and fruity notes. It also ensures good results in the vinification of neutral grapes. D243 is a vigorous and very adaptable strain and it is able to work in particularly difficult conditions, such as musts with low turbidity and high potential alcohol content, low fermentation temperatures.

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Fruitsens D241

Vigorous and cryotolerant yeast, able to provide complete and regular fermentations even in non-ideal vinification conditions such as musts with low turbidity.
The wines produced with D242 feature thiolic aromas (citrus fruit, tropical) and terpenic aromas of the grapes with precursors, with the enhancement of the scents of aromatic grapes. The strong production of esters enhances the vinification of neutral grapes like trebbiano, providing fresh floral and fruity notes. The expressive potential of this yeast makes it particularly suitable for the production of fine, fresh and fruity rosé wines with complex aromas.

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Fresh-SV D236

The D236 strain is suitable for the vinification of white grapes to enhance the expression of the varietal thiolic aromas, with a reasonable production of aromatic esters. Its cryophilic quality allows to perform regular and complete fermentations even at low temperatures and, therefore, to achieve fine wines with lingering notes of citrus and exotic fruit. The release of parietal polysaccharides and the good production of glycerol contribute to an overall balance, providing the wine with body and softness. Its features also make it very suitable for the production of elegant and balanced rosé wines.

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WhSacce D222

This yeast is suitable for the production of dry white wines enhancing the varietal potential of the grape type. The D222 strain favours the expression of the terpenic aromas, providing the wines with an extremely fine bouquet also thanks to its low production of vinylphenols and the limited input of fermentation aromas. Excellent results in terms of nose-palate complexity can be achieved by lees contact and ageing in wood. Great for the production of varietal rosé wines, providing them with a pleasant aromatic character and full structure.

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Fresh-TH D228

A cryophilic strain, D228 expresses its maximum potential in the vinification of white grapes at low temperature. This enhances its ability to reveal scented thiols (exotic fruit, citrus fruit and floral aromas) with a good production of aromatic esters. The resulting wines are fresh, complex and balanced. Excellent bouquet quality thanks to a weak cinnamate decarboxylase activity and low production of volatile acidity and sulphide compounds. Suitable for vinification in wood and following lees contact. It provides excellent results in the production of fresh, elegant and lingering rosé wines.

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Highferm D500

The excellent fermentation ability and great vigour of the D500 strain make it particularly suitable for safely performing potentially difficult vinification processes (high alcohol content potential, high risk of microbiological contamination, poor control of the fermentation conditions) of all kinds of must. It can work in a wide range of temperatures, ensuring the completion of fermentation and the respect of the varietal features thanks to its aromatic neutrality. It is recommended for preventing and managing possible stuck fermentation.

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Dairy division



• high-concentration lyophilised starter cultures
• moulds and ripening cultures
• probiotics
• production adjuvants



• qualified technical assistance
• development of production processes
• product survey and elaboration of improvement plans
• analysis and prevention of bacteriophage risks

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